We Have A Winner! Mike’s Going To Spring Gathering Concert


Photo: Mike Sillman
Mike Sillman after hearing the news: He’s going to Spring Gathering!

One lucky guy’s going to see Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, and Cypress Hill — just because he reads Toke of the Town.

Last month, when we announced our Spring Gathering Music Festival and Medical Marijuana Expo ticket giveaway, you guys responded: 156 of you entered and dared dream of winning.
A lucky winner has been randomly selected from the entrants…

Congratulations to Mike Sillman of San Francisco!
“I am very excited to win these tickets,” Mike told Toke of the Town Friday morning. “I am an avid reader of Toke of the Town!”

“When I read about this gathering, I just knew I had to go, and now thanks to Toke of the Town I am really going,” Mike said.
“I have been a huge fan of Tommy Chong most of my life,” Mike told us. “But it is sure to be an amazing show with all-star performances by Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker, Cypress Hill and many more.
“And that is not even mentioning all the killer medical marijuana that will be present — even a patients’ medication area!” Mike said.
“I am just thrilled to have won these tickets. Let’s just hope I can burn one with Tommy Chong or Snoop Dogg.
“Thanks again, Toke of the Town — you’re the best!”

Photo: Mike Sill
Mike Sill: “When I read about this gathering, I just knew I had to go. And now, thanks to Toke of the Town, I am really going!”


The winner of Toke of the Town’s Spring Gathering contest was chosen randomly using a Sequence Generator at www.random.org.

“1” was typed in as the smallest value, and the number of entrants (156) as the largest value. Emails were listed from most recently received (1) to first received (156), and a random number was generated (107). On the resulting list, we counted down to the 107th name from the top, which was Mike’s.