Arizona Medical Marijuana Club Gives Away Free Samples


Graphic: The 2811 Club

​Medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona have been blocked from opening, but that didn’t stop a new “club” from opening in Phoenix on Monday, giving local patients another option for getting their cannabis. The 2811 Club is giving the stuff away.

Patient Vickie Smith said she is learning everything about using medical marijuana, and she’s getting quick answers because she’s now a member of The 2811 Club, reports Ryan O’Donnell at
“I get to spend time with other people with conditions like mine or something similar, going through the same thing, the same learning process that I’m going through and we can share ideas,” Smith said.
Soft music and soft lighting create a comfortable atmosphere at the club, where medical marijuana is actually being handed out for free.

Vickie Smith: “I get to spend time with other people with conditions like mine or something similar going through the same thing”

​”Right now, they’re giving away one-eighth of an ounce to every member that comes in here today,” said 2811 Club general manager Allan Sobol.
According to Sobol, the club is only for people who have an Arizona medical marijuana card.
“This is intended as an educational and resource center,” Sobol said. “It’s designed to allow networking amongst patients and caregivers and other people in the industry.”
With the dispensary portion of Arizona’s medical marijuana program still on hold — due to a hen-hearted lack of leadership to Governor Jan Brewer — patients are being forced to look for other legal ways to get cannabis.
That’s where the 2811 Club comes in.
“Some people called us up and said, ‘Are you crazy? You can’t do this,’ but the fact of the matter is we’ve been very transparent about what we’ve done here; we’ve contacted every law enforcement in the state,” Sobol said.
For more information about the new 2811 Medical Marijuana Clubclick here.