MBS: Australia’s Terrific New Marijuana Strain [Pictorial]


All photos: Moonunit

​Australian cannabis breeders are kicking ass with their own unique genetics, producing a multitude of potent strains. One of the best recent innovations is called MBS (Mind, Body and Soul), and is a creation of renowned breeder Moonunit.

MBS is about 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, according to Moonunit, though it expresses in a more indica fashion.
“MBS is comprised of Deep Chunk for the mind, Zoid Fuel for the body, and C-99 for the soul,” Moonunit told me by way of explaining the strain’s Aussie genetic background.
Moonunit described is as “a spreading, good yielding plant, with the early maturation of an indica and some of the growth qualities of a sativa.”
“It grows dense, hard, nuggety buds,” he told me. “Some samples have grown green, whilst others will tend to show purpling with cooler nights, some almost black. The large amounts of trichomes resemble snow, and the dark purple backing gives the buds excellent aesthetic qualities and bag appeal.”

​A variety of smells has been noted with MBS, according to Moonunit, with some samples leaning to the Zoid Fuel side, with hints of sour mango, while the more Deep Chunk types have “a warm, strong pungent scent, like pancake batter cooking in a warm pan.”
Some of the buds have strong “gym-sock” smells, “quite overpowering at times,” according to the grower.
“MBS has a full-bodied flavor, and the combination of indica and sativa in the right levels brings a nice even high,” Moonunit said. The effects set in pretty quickly, according to the grower. “No creeper here,” he said.

​”The high begins in the frontal lobe area, and behind the eyes. It spreads to the arms, giving a floating weightless feeling in the limbs,” Moonunit said. “It has a peaceful, calming effect, and whilst not work-stimulating, it is great for wandering around the garden with dreamy thoughts,” he told Toke of the Town.
According to Moonunit, MBS offers good pain relief in all its expressions, with some being “a bit more indica in effect, but most have a good balance of body and head.”
“The pain relief is without so much couchlock that it depresses the patient, also possessing enough quality head high to uplift the spirits of the patient as well as relieve the pain,” he said.
“MBS is best toked in the afternoon and evening,” Moonunit told me. “The main aim of this line is to get an indica with strong pain-relieving qualities, but also with an uplifting and motivating sativa high.”
“I have seen many pain patients get depressed, being locked to the couch constantly due to having to take so much indica meds to control their pain,” Moonunit said. “Our aim here is to give the pain relief, but also mental relief and motivation, which is a very important part of healing or dealing with illnesses and injuries.”
MBS is easy to grow, according to Moonunit, doing well in most indoor and outdoor environments, with large yield and vigor.