Petulant Police Refuse To ‘Participate In’ Medical Marijuana


Graphic: Chico Police Officers’ Association

​Members of the Chico Police Officers’ Association have revealed themselves to be some real grandstanding hot-doggers. These “public servants,” the lowest-paid of whom makes $70,000 a year straight out of your taxpayer pocket, are refusing to do their jobs.

Did you know police officers got to pick which laws they enforce? Did you know these big-bellied buffoons in blue, if they personally disapprove of a law, feel entitled to ignore the damn thing? Hell, maybe we should have all gone into law enforcement, if it’s that cushy a gig.

These drama queens, apparently trying to make some sort of point but mostly just ending up with “we’re a bunch of unprofessional ass-bags,” have sent a letter to Chico, California City Councilman Mark Sorensen stating that under federal law, they cannot be involved in any part of the city’s recent commercial growing and marijuana selling ordinance.

The letter, according to KHSL, states:
  The members of the Chico Police Officers’ Association will not participate in any part of the medical marijuana ordinance that involves commercial marijuana growing or selling operations.  We will not assist in any way in any activity that normalizes, standardizes, expedites, or assists in the establishment of facilities set up for the commercial growing and selling of marijuana.  It is our sworn duty to enforce all laws regarding controlled substances, and we will continue to do so.

Photo: PDG

The association claims the city ordinance, which was opposed by the Butte County District Attorney and not supported by Chico’s mayor or chief of police, violates federal law, reports the Central Valley Business Times.

Of course, these half-wit douche bags aren’t expected, empowered or authorized to enforce federal law, and since they’re refusing to do their jobs in a clear dereliction of duty, all of their dimwit asses should be out on the street and into the unemployment line so fast it would make their porcine heads spin.

Keep in mind, this is the same bunch of greed-heads who, last December, rejected a 5 percent pay cut which would have saved the jobs of 10 fellow police officers. So apparently, they get to pick which parts of their duties they actually perform, but heaven forbid you should mention them getting paid any less!

After that particularly unseemly episode, Jack Lee at NorCal Blogs observed, “This looks bad, guys – it looks like you are putting self interest ahead of public safety.” So this propensity of theirs to do whatever they want, the public be damned, is a pattern of behavior.

The cops’ letter points to a July 1 letter from U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner that warned adopting an ordinance that violated federal prohibitions against marijuana could bring federal criminal penalties on city workers whose responsibilities would include administering the ordinance.

“The problem we have as police officers is that the marijuana trade is a huge safety issue,” said Will Clark, who obviously should seek another line of work, like maybe flipping burgers. “We’ve had home invasion robberies, we’ve had people shot and killed over marijuana, we’ve had residential burglaries, robberies, over marijuana.”

What Clark didn’t mention was that a good portion of the people “shot and killed over marijuana” were victims of police violence.

Clark, who taxpayers pay $140,000 a year but who still refuses to do his job if it makes him feel uncomfortable, said that the officers feel that rather than easing the problems, the new ordinance will “just make a bigger mess.”

The Chico Police Officers’ Association said that if any of its 89 members get their porky little hands dirty by participating in the administration or enforcement of the city’s pot ordinance, “we will be breaking federal law, the oath we swore to the city, the Municipal Code of the City of Chico, and the General Orders of our department. This is not acceptable.”

No, Officer Clark. What is not acceptable is when public servants — apparently unaware of their own webpage — feel they have the right to ignore the will of the voters, the law of the State of California, and the City Council. Your hubris and arrogance — and your apparent feeling of entitlement in picking which laws you feel comfortable enforcing — is vastly unbecoming, entirely unprofessional, and grounds for your immediate dismissal and unceremonious expulsion from polite society forever.

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And if you want to offer some feedback to the Chico City Council — as in, what are they waiting for, to fire these insubordinate sons of bitches — here’s their contact info.

Contact Chico City Council by e-mail (just click on the names):

Written materials may be sent to the City Council at PO Box 3420, Chico, CA  95927.