Sheriff REALLY Doesn’t Want Marijuana Patients To Carry Guns


Photo: Jackson County Sheriff
Sheriff Mike Winters doesn’t want medical marijuana patients to carry guns — and he’s fought all the way to the Supreme Court to stop them, even though he’s lost at every step along the way.

‚ÄčAn Oregon sheriff is so determined to stop medical marijuana patients in his county from having guns, he’s taking the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court — even though his legal argument has been shot down by every court so far.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters claims he can’t issue concealed handgun licenses to medical marijuana patients because it would violate federal law, specifically the Gun Control Act of 1968, reports Damian Mann at the Ashland Daily Tidings.
The sheriff has, so far, lost in Jackson County Circuit Court, the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court.
Cynthia Townsley Willis, who uses cannabis for muscle spasms and arthritis pain, has no criminal record. But she admitted to using medical marijuana when she filed her application with the sheriff in 2008 for a concealed handgun license.
Sheriff Winters denied her application, claiming that her possession of a medical marijuana card indicated she was a “drug user.”
Willis now carries a concealed weapons license, which Sheriff Winters was forced to approve after the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against him.
But the sheriff soldiers on, wasting untold thousands of tax dollars in his doomed, quixotic and expensive attempt to deprive medical marijuana patients of their rights.

Wonder if Sheriff Winters has any time to do his actual job?