Busted: Florida Woman Calls Deputy, Tries To Sell Him Weed


Photo: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Jennifer Knopp tried to expand her customer base on Thursday.

‚ÄčA Florida Keys woman was arrested on Thursday for trying to sell marijuana to a sheriff’s deputy after she called him on the phone.

On Thursday evening at 9:15, Jennifer Knopp, 39, called the SWAT-issued cellphone of Deputy Chris Galls; she told the deputy she “had the stuff he was looking for,” reports Matthew Handley at the Broward Palm Beach New Times.
The woman then offered to sell Deputy Galls “crippie” marijuana, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Department press release, and the two agreed to meet behind a local movie theater.
She asked much he wanted, and Deputy Galls said a quarter-ounce.
Galls brought along narcotics officer Deputy Paul Bean for the meeting at Marathon Movie Theater, about a mile from the sheriff’s office, reports KeysNet.com.

When the officers approached, Galls and her male passenger drove off “over two plastic parking rails” in her 1999 Chrysler Concord.
The deputies got back in their patrol car, pulled Galls over, and asked her why, exactly, she would call a deputy and try to sell him weed.
Knopp claimed she called Deputy Galls so that he “would help her get away from the man who was in the car with her,” according to the press release. She said she had the deputy’s phone number stored from a previous case that she was helping Deputy Galls with. The arrest report doesn’t go into details.
Offering to sell the deputy weed certainly got his attention — Jennifer went to jail, and the man in the car, Christopher Flingos, 42, refused to be searched and was released with no charges.
After Knopp told Galls she had pot, the deputies discovered 24.5 grams of it in her purse and took the $309 cash she had for “possible forfeiture” in case it came from pot sales, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Becky Herrin.
To confirm she had made the earlier call, Galls dialed her phone number and an iPhone in her purse rang. The cop’s name and number showed on the screen.
Knopp faces charges of possessing more than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and selling “narcotics.”