Green Cross Marijuana Collective Celebrates 7 Years In S.F.


Photo: The Green Cross
From the menu at The Green Cross: SF Ice, an indica cross of Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva. Tested at 18.4 percent THC.

​The Green Cross, first incorporated as a California public benefit nonprofit medical marijuana patient collective in July 2004, is celebrating seven years in San Francisco.

“Since then, The Green Cross has become well known for our safe and discreet delivery service, commitment to social and environmental responsibility, absolute compliance with state and local laws, and generosity to local and national charitable organizations,” said founder and president Kevin Reed.
“In seven years since we first incorporated with the State of California, The Green Cross has experienced its share of ups and downs,” Reed said. “But, with the help of your support, we are proud to be among the city’s best licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.”

Photo: Luke Thomas/Fog City Journal
Founder/president Kevin Reed of The Green Cross

​The Green Cross was awarded San Francisco’s first medical cannabis dispensary (MCD) permit to operate exclusively as a delivery service in 2007. Today, the collective remains S.F.’s only licensed, delivery-only medical cannabis club.
“Our professional drivers deliver quality medical cannabis products directly, safely, and discreetly to patients anywhere in the city free of charge,” Reed said.
“The Green Cross’s commitment to incorporate operational standards that demonstrate integrity and accountability is underscored by our A+ rating and full accreditation by the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Green America Seal of Approval, which helps socially and environmentally responsible consumers locate businesses that operate under the same ethics,” Reed said.
Moreover, Reed was appointed by the S.F. Board of Supervisors to a two-year seat on the Medical Cannabis Task Force, where he fights for the rights of patients and smart regulations for safe and legal access.
This year, The Green Cross unveiled a new laboratory testing program for its entire line of medical cannabis. The program is intended to help patients make educated decisions before they purchase their medication.
“The Green Cross is committed to keeping San Francisco a safe, diverse, and special place to live and work,” Reed said. “Volunteer groups and nonprofit organizations do so much to help our community, but we realize they cannot do it alone! The Green Cross invests in community partnership because we have a responsibility to help our neighbors and contribute to the common good.”
Some of the local charitable and service organizations The Green Cross supports include:
• YMCA SF-Mission, YMCA SF-Presidio and the YMCA Run For Kids program
• The ARC of San Francisco
• SF AIDS Foundation
• SF Chapter of Americans for Safe Access
• The San Francisco Food Bank
• The Harvey Milk Club
“Changing federal law and advancing safe access to medical cannabis is important for the long-term sustainability of our collective,” Reed said. “The Green Cross invests in national advocacy groups because we believe patients should have safe and legal access no matter where they live.”
“We’ve made it through seven years together, and with your continued support we can make the next seven better than ever!” Reed said.