Guy Busted Smoking Marijuana In Police Station Parking Lot


Here’s where the big bust went down. (OK, here’s where they caught some half-drunk schlub with a blunt.)

‚ÄčIf you’re in the parking lot of a police station and jail, waiting for a friend who’s visiting an inmate inside, you might want to stifle that impulse to fire up a blunt to help pass the time.

A Texas man learned this valuable life lesson last Monday at about 11 a.m. Our dude in question, who was about halfway through a 40-ounce malt liquor in the South Houston Police Station parking lot, decided it was just a wonderful time to spark up, reports Richard Connelly at Houston Press.
Thing is, it seems lots of cops hang out in police station parking lots. One of the boys in blue happened to walk nearby “and immediately smelled burnt marijuana and the strong smell of alcohol coming from his person.”

Dude, who was standing by a Cadillac, tried to toss the blunt away as the officer approached, but it didn’t work, reports
Our unnamed party guy was detained, and officers found the cigar containing marijuana on the ground next to the Caddy. The suspect, no doubt rapidly losing his buzz at this point, told police he was waiting for a friend who was visiting an inmate inside the South Houston Jail.
Along with the blunt, cops said they found a half-full 40-ounce alcoholic beverage inside the Cadillac.
Smokes-In-Cop-Parking-Lots was arrested and booked into the South Houston Police Department Jail (no ride required!) for possession of marijuana. He will be transported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Jail and is being held under a $4,500 bond.