Marijuana Dispensary Owner Nabs Smash-and-Grab Suspect


Photo: DAVC
Don’t try to rob these guys at DAVC, or they will chase your dumb ass down and “detain” you until the cops arrive.

​​​A California man accused of breaking into and burglarizing three medical marijuana dispensaries is now behind bars after being nabbed by a collective owner. 

Jose Ramon Vidrio, 20, of Redlands, was arrested on suspicion of trying to smash the front window of Disabled American Veterans Collective cannabis dispensary in French Valley, reports Maggie Avants at the Temecula Patch.
The dispensary owner told deputies that around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Vidrio tried to smash the window with a concrete block. After he screwed that up — he was unable to break the glass — he allegedly tried to flee the area in his car.

Photo: DAVC
A would-be thief tried to smash this front window of the Disabled American Veterans Collective in French Valley, California. He was then pursued and detained by the shop’s owner until deputies arrived.

​​​The shop owner started chasing Vidrio down (it’s really too bad nobody was getting video of all this), and the thief crashed his car into a parked motor home as he attempted to leave the parking lot, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jon Wade.  The two men then got into a fistfight.
In what must have been a priceless scene, the enraged owner “detained” the slightly-injured Vidrio (I’m hoping the owner may have gotten the best of the would-be thief in the pugilistic fisticuffs, although the cops say the thief’s injuries were from the crash) until deputies arrived, the sergeant said.
An investigation revealed that the hapless suspect had also just broken into two neighboring marijuana shops: New Life Dispensary and Chronic Relief Collective Dispensary. Both burglaries were allegedly committed earlier Tuesday morning.
Vidrio was arrested on suspicion of two commercial burglaries, attempted commercial burglary (for the third time, when the dumb-ass couldn’t break the glass) and vandalism.
Prior to being thrown into the Southwest Detention Center, he was treated for injuries suffered in the car crash, Sgt. Wade said. He is being held in lieu of $5,000 bail, reports Morgan Cook at the North County Times.
Anyone with information on this investigation is encouraged to contact Deputy Castenada at the Southwest Patrol Station at 951-696-3000.

Photo: DAVC
Looks like a nice shop. And I like their response to attempted rip-offs.