Tupac’s Friends Say They Smoked His Ashes In A Blunt


Graphic: Coolchaser
Rapper in a wrapper: Pac’s friends claim they rolled his ashes into a blunt and smoked him.

‚ÄčMembers of The Young Outlawz rolled up Tupac Shakur’s ashes into a blunt and smoked them after the rap legend was murdered in 1996, the reunited group claims.

In what has certainly proven to be a big source of publicity for group’s reunion, The Young Outlawz claimed they based their actions on Pac’s wishes as expressed in the lyrics of one of his songs, reports Peter C. Aitken of the New York Daily News.
Members of the reunited group, originally formed by Tupac after his release from prison in 1995, addressed the long-standing rumors in a new video for VladTV.
“Yeah, it’s definitely true,” said Young Noble, reports the Daily News. “I think it was the night of, we had a little memorial for him, with his mom, his family and shit. We hit the beach, do a lot of the shit he liked on the beach. Some weed, some chicken wings, he loved orange soda and all that kind of shit. Pac loved that shit, so we were giving him our own farewell that night.
“I forgot which one of us came up with it, like we need to go and do that, but we twisted up some of that Great Grandaddy California Kush and mixed the big homie with it,” Young Noble said.
Another member of The Young Outlawz, E.D.I., took credit for the macabre idea.

“I came up with that shit, if you listen to ‘Black Jesus’ he says, “Last wishes, niggas smoke my ashes,’ so that was a request that he had. Now whether how serious he was about it, we took the shit seriously.”
This isn’t the first time a pothead millionaire’s ashes have been smoked by his friends. Back in the 1970s, an heir to the Pillsbury fortune reputedly wrote in his will that anyone who didn’t participate in the smoking of his ashes would be cut out of the will. His friends gladly passed him around at the wake.