What Do You Look For In A Medical Marijuana Dispensary?


Graphic: Dispensary Business News

​What do you look for when choosing a medical marijuana dispensary?

If you live in one of the 16 states where medicinal cannabis is legal, Dispensary Business News is interested in how you select a shop. Is it price? Location? Ambience? Selection? Specific strains? (If your state doesn’t yet allow medical marijuana, keep working until they do.)
This is a good way for you to help keep the best dispensaries in business, and give new ones a fighting chance to win your business.

Photo: DBN
Chris Walsh, editor, Dispensary Business News

​”We want to take their response and formulate content for dispensary owners,” editor Chris Walsh of Dispensary Business News told Toke of the Town on Tuesday afternoon.
DBN is a site aimed at providing news and analysis specifically for medical marijuana dispensary owners, with a main site, Dispensary Insider, scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.
‘”It will feature tool kits, guides, checklists, etc., to help owners run their businesses more effectively,” Walsh told me.
“We want to be sure patients know it’s anonymous,” Walsh said. “In my experience, they are typically very wary of giving out any information, and understandably so. We want to respect their desire for privacy.
“This is a good chance to let dispensaries know exactly what they’re doing right and what they’re doing poorly, as well as get them to focus on the areas that are most important to the patients,” Walsh said.
The questionnaire is aimed at dispensaries across the United States, as our focus is all states with medical marijuana dispensaries,” Walsh said.
To participate in the questionnaire, visit http://dispensary-business-news.com/patient-study/ .