Botched Pot Raid: Feds Hit CBS Correspondent’s House


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The home of new parents Priya David and Alex Clemens was raided by FBI agents looking for marijuana Wednesday morning.

‚ÄčA team of heavily armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents looking for marijuana on Wednesday morning wrongly raided the home of new parents Alex Clemens and Priya David in Alameda, California.

David, a CBS News correspondent, and her husband Clemens were at home with their newborn child when they heard a banging on the door just after 7 a.m., reports KCBS.
“Our first thought was the neighborhood is on fire,” Clemens said. “I see what turns out to be eight uniformed, armored, armed officers — four of which are pointing guns through the window at my face.”

Agents were about to handcuff Clemens when he warned them they had the wrong guy.
“They yelled at me ‘Is anyone else in the house?’ ” Clemens said. “I did say ‘Yes, my wife is a CBS News correspondent. She’s upstairs nursing our infant baby.’ That seemed to de-escalate things a little bit.”
“They said, ‘Stand to the side,’ but then realized, I think, very quickly that they had the wrong home,” Priya David said. “We told them that we thought they were looking for the people who lived here about three months ago, who had sold us the house and then moved across the street.”
The search warrant lists marijuana, items associated with its cultivation and sale, and firearms as the objects of the investigation.
Clemens said the federal agents apologized for their mistake.
“They were thankful, from our understanding, that we were able to tell them where the people they were looking for had gone,” David said.
Agents got a second search warrant and entered the home across the street, arresting one person in connection with the case.