Cannajobs Fights For Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights


Protect Arizona Patients, Inc.

​Cannajobs, a cannabis jobs service, has announced that they are founding members of Protect Arizona Patients, Inc., a nonprofit organization fighting the state’s refusal to fully cooperate with the will of Arizona voters by licensing medical marijuana dispensaries. Cannajobs said it has contributed financially to the nonprofit to help it file the first lawsuit against Arizona for ignoring the rights of medical marijuana patients in the state.

Arizona voters passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) last November, legalizing medical marijuana in the state. But Governor Jan Brewer in May blocked the rollout of the law, claiming clarification was needed about whether state employees would be subject to federal prosecution, as cannabis is still prohibited under federal law.
Gov. Brewer and the Arizona Department of Health (AZDHS) put all dispensaries on hold while they filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona seeking clarification about the potential federal response.

In response, Protect Arizona Patients joined with a number of dispensaries, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals to file a state lawsuit in Arizona Superior Court, County of Maricopa, against Will Humble, director of AZDHS (Case No. CV2011-011288), requesting a court order that he begin issuing dispensary licenses in accordance with AMMA. The state responded in late July that it could not take special action until the federal case was decided.

Bob Calkin, Cannajobs: “This lawsuit will be crucial in restoring the rollout of an organized, lawful dispensary program in Arizona”

​”This lawsuit will be crucial in restoring the rollout of an organized, lawful dispensary program in Arizona and in creating much-needed jobs in an economy desperate for workers,” said Cannajobs cofounder Bob Calkin.
The U.S. District Court, in a striking rebuff to Gov. Brewer’s claims, issued its decision in the federal case on August 1. It motioned to dismiss the case, saying it would not entertain constitutional questions until strictly necessary.
“Their complaint presents no actual controversy, instead asking this Court for an advisory opinion as to a hypothetical dispute in which Plaintiffs themselves pick no side but rather resort to a purported disagreement among various fictional Defendants,” the Court said in Document 38. “Moreover, Plaintiffs lack standing to raise even that claim, because they have not alleged any actual injury to the interests of the State.”
Now Protect Arizona Patients, Inc. and other plaintiffs in the state case are waiting for their first court hearing. They are also working closely with the ACLU on the federal case, aiming to have both cases move forward on parallel paths.
“In light of the District Court’s ruling, Arizona must move forward with licensing dispensaries, in accordance with state law and the will of the voters,” said Ingrid Joiya, representing Protect Arizona Patients, Inc. “The state must stop using fabricated legal postulations to deny dispensaries the right to exist.”
In the meantime, Arizona patients are able to exchange medicine with other patients with little state guidance — an unintended consequence of not having dispensaries.
Protect Arizona Patients is opening caregiver collectives in locations that have been approved for dispensaries. At these collectives, licensed caregivers will provide medicine for qualified patients following the guidelines required of dispensaries by the state.
The first caregiver collective will open on Sunday, October 23, and will feature a Patient/Career Fair cosponsored by
“Cannajobs is at the forefront of that fight for financial stability and independence for everyone, regardless of their health, wealth or political clout,” the company said in a September 20 press release. “Cannajobs believes everyone has a right to work and have access to safe medicine.”

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About Protect Arizona Patients, Inc.

Protect Arizona Patients, Inc. is a “first responder” nonprofit organization designed to provide an immediate and decisive response to any actions taken against the Arizona medical marijuana industry.
The organization fully supports the efforts of national organizations whose mission is to proactively advance the interests of the medical marijuana industry on an ongoing basis.
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