Marijuana Dispensary Partners With Cannabis Testing Lab


Holistic Herbal Healers

Holistic Herbal Healers, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, California, has recently formed a partnership with Pure Analytics, a Santa Rosa-based cannabis testing lab, to have all of their medicine tested to ensure it is free of harmful chemicals and contaminants, and to inform patients of its potency.

“We are excited to offer our patients the extra peace of mind that testing by Pure Analytics brings,” said the office manager at San Jose Wellness Center Holistic Herbal Healers. “We are committed to ensuring that all of our medicine is clean and safe.”
Pure Analytics tests marijuana flowers and edibles to ensure they’re free of dangerous pesticides, molds and fungi. They also use chromatographic analysis to verify concentrations of THC, CBD and CBN, the three cannabinoids most associated with marijuana’s healing properties.

Medical Marijuana San Jose

​For medical marijuana flowers and concentrates, Pure Analytics uses gas chromatography, a method in which hydrogen is used as a carrier gas that separates the compounds. For edibles and ingestibles, they use high-performance liquid chromatograph testing, which uses a liquid carrier to separate the various components.
THC, the most well-known compound found in medical cannabis, is the main cause of marijuana’s psychoactive effects. It has been shown to be effective in treating chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and the loss of appetite associated with AIDS and cancer treatment, among other uses.
Increasingly, medical marijuana growers and providers are also interested in CBD, another cannabinoid that does not cause a psychoactive reaction, but has been shown to help with glaucoma, chronic pain, anxiety, convulsions, dystonia, Alzheimer’s disease, and inhibiting cancer cell growth. For patients who do not enjoy or cannot fully function under the effects of THC, strains with high CBD content are becoming increasingly popular.
“Knowing the exact cannabinoid content helps us recommend the right medicine for each patient’s needs,” said the office manager at Holistic Herbal Healers.