MMB&J Offers Medical Marijuana Bottles For Dispensaries



‚ÄčMMB&J (Medical Marijuana Bottles & Jars) was created in 2009 by a small group of registered Michigan medical marijuana caregivers and patients. “Our ultimate goal is to offer the highest possible quality of containers for your medicine,” says the company, which markets recycled plastic medical marijuana bottles to dispensaries.

All MMB&J medical marijuana bottles are made of 100 percent recycled plastic, and are odor-free, UV-resistant, waterproof and childproof. In other words, short of investing in glass, these are some of the best medical marijuana storage solutions available.

The company guarantees its bottle tops not to wear out as all too often happens with common screw-cap bottle tops and pop-type style bottles. “These will never accidentally open in your pocket like those other styles,” MMB&J promises.
You can choose from four sizes: Large (60 dram, 7 to 14 grams), medium (30 dram, 4-7 grams), small (16 dram, 2-4 grams) and extra-small (6 dram, 1-2 grams). Each bottle comes with a free laser-printed Rx label.
Prices range from $80 for 115 of the large, 60-dram bottles to $100 for 600 of the extra-small, 6-dram bottles. A Mix & Match Pack of 100 assorted bottles, 25 of each size, is available for $55.
MMB&J offers free customization of labels on orders of 100 bottles or more and free shipping on all products.
“All of our bottles have your state’s medical marijuana law and has an area for the strain name to be written on a high grade laser printed label, which we will even customize for orders for no extra, charge — COMPLETELY FREE — just leave a note at checkout,” MMB&J says.
In addition to bottles, MMB&J carries an assortment of wholesale medical marijuana dispensary and patient items like trimmers, scales, extraction machines, bags, and containers for extracts like hash and balms.
For more information, including how to order and prices, visit or email