Poll: 51% Of Californians Oppose Marijuana Legalization



​Dude, say it ain’t so. A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California indicates that 51 percent of Golden State voters oppose legalizing marijuana, while just 46 percent favor it.

According to PPIC, the finding is similar to results from a poll a year ago, when 47 percent favored legalization and 49 percent opposed it.
Among “likely voters,” it’s an even split: 48 percent favor legalization, and 48 percent oppose, with 4 percent “unsure.”
Voters rejected Prop 19’s version of marijuana legalization last year, with 53.5 percent voting against it.  There has since been talk of another ballot measure.

The San Francisco Bay was the only area in California which favored legalization in the most recent survey. Fifty-five percent of S.F. Bay residents favored legalization, with 40 percent opposing.
Surprisingly, most respondents in the Central Valley (60 percent) and Los Angeles (57 percent) opposed legalization.
Latinos (68 percent) are most likely to oppose legalization, compared to 53 percent of Asians and just 41 percent of whites. A majority (55 percent) of whites favor legalization.
Just more than half of California men (53 percent) think marijuana should be legal. A majority of women (58 percent) oppose legalization.
Liberals (59 percent in favor) and Democrats (53 percent in favor) were more likely to be in favor of legalization (surprise, surprise) than Republicans (59 percent opposed) and conservatives (68 percent opposed), the poll found. Majorities of political “moderates” (52 percent) and Independents (58 percent) favor legalization.
PPIC surveyed 2,002 adult California residents on landlines and cell phones from September 6-13.
The marijuana legalization poll stats are on page 15 the full PPIC report, “Californians And Their Government,” which you can read by clicking here [PDF].