Sex Pot: Marijuana and Sex Are Lots of Fun Together



​If you’ve smoked very much marijuana and had very much sex, you know they’re both lots of fun, and you know they go together spectacularly well. There’s nothing quite like combining the relaxed sensual enhancement of cannabis and some quality time with a smokin’ partner.

Now there’s a book to help you explore the happy confluence of carnality and cannabis. Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On, by cannabis advice columnist Mamakind, can verbally inspire your imagination the way a joint of Afgoo does conceptually.
Mamakind shows the kind of good-humored, laugh-out-loud funny, accepting approach that is just what the love doctor ordered, and her slightly stoned style would be great fun to read even if it weren’t about my two favorite subjects, hemp and humpin’.

Mamakind: “I am everything you are and some shit you ain’t never heard of”

​The author’s popular columns “Pillowtalk” and “RoachPlay” have given her cult fame. The columns have been cornerstones of Skunk Magazine, titillating and entertaining readers for years with a straightforward, intelligent approach to stoner sexuality. Sex Pot is a compilation featuring the best of her questions and answers.
Mamakind quickly establishes her credentials as someone to whom you definitely want to listen on the subjects of bangin’ and bongs: 
I’m a bisexual, polyamorous, swinging Prairie BudBabe, ex-West Coast Cheeba Chick, former Montreal MarijuanaMaven, I am everything you are and some shit you ain’t never heard of. Believe me, I encourage anything that contributes to the Total Being Orgasm, so if you have anything to share that you think might curl my toes, BRING IT ON.
Alternatively, if you have any burning questions regarding pleasures of the flesh, mind and spirit — and where the three shall meet — I’ll do my darnedest to clear the smoke for you. If it requires a deep and personal investigation — oh yes, people, Mamakind cares to ease your cannabis/coital and psychedelic/sexual concerns that much.

Mamakind: “Think of his entire genital area as a keyboard; it’s 1982 and you’re Thomas Dolby”

​Let me give you another example: When Mamakind takes on the subject of the legendary “pussytoke,” she does it with exactly the right mix of whimsy and hotness.
Mamakind had spoken with Canadian gourd artist (yes, gourd artist) Steve Genereaux of Ontario’s Unconventional Art about the possibility of designing a real pussytoker (which is just what it sounds like: a device through which women could take vagina hits of weed smoke).
I thanked him for putting that much effort into thinking about my goofy idea for longer than an hour, which is probably fifty nine-and-a-half minutes more than it deserved. I honestly didn’t expect that he’d remember it, much less attempt to make one.

Then, lo and behold: a humble brown box, slightly smaller than a breadbox, arrived labeled Attn: Mamakind, about a year-and-a-half later. I was astonished to pull out what appeared to be the world’s first pussytoker. A palm-sized, hourglass-shaped gourd is fitted with a glass bowl. Rubber surgical tubing leads to the bottom of a dildo-shaped gourd with a tiny, peehole-lookin’ hole at the other end. It brought tears to my eyes and wetness to my crotch. There were even instructions! I was so excited to try it I almost pulled it out on the bus home.

Long story short, the pussytoker worked. And Mamakind enjoyed trying it (read the book).
But Mamakind’s style is such a smile-rush, lemme share just one more snippet:
When is a dick not just a dick? When it’s a few of many erogenous zones. Think of his entire genital area as a keyboard; it’s 1982 and you’re Thomas Dolby. Men have a whole bunch of love buttons and if you learn to work them right, you’ll be blinding him with sighs in no time.

See what I mean? Compulsively readable, believably stoned, and damn fun. 
OK, I know I promised just one more, but here’s a funny Mamakind quote: “I’m a strong proponent of swallowing. No muss, no fuss, no presidential impeachment.”
This lady is fun. And there’s nothing more appropriate for sex instruction than fun!
Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On is available from AlibrisBarnes & NobleeCampusAmazon, and other online retailers. You can also get it directly from publishers Quick Trading for $14.95 plus shipping.