Sheriff To Marijuana Patients: You Won’t Be Getting Your Pot Back


Photo: SodaHead
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Possession of marijuana is still a federal felony as far as I am aware and my deputies aren’t going to violate federal law.” Well lah-de-dah, big guy.

‚ÄčPeople who are arrested by Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s deputies for any criminal violation and who are card-carrying medical marijuana patients will not be allowed to retrieve their medicine upon release from jail, according to a policy decision announced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Wednesday.

In addition, police officers who bring suspects into the Sheriff’s jails with marijuana in their possession along with a medical marijuana registration card will be required to maintain the marijuana in their own separate police property rooms, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.
The attention-loving, headline-grabbing ass-wig Sheriff Arpaio — who has publicly boasted that he has no idea how to use a computer — said marijuana is “deemed as contraband” in his jails, “and as such will not be stored here for other police agencies.”

The sheriff said he has been “made aware” that there are legal rulings in other states which may eventually force his officers to return marijuana to card-carrying patients upon their release from jail, but until such time that a local judge rules to that effect, Arpaio said he will not permit his officers to return “any illegal substance” to exiting inmates.
“Some courts in other states have ruled that defendants are entitled to a return of their controlled substances per the Medical Marijuana Act but until my hand is forced, they won’t be getting it back from my deputies,” said the obnoxious sheriff.
“Possession of marijuana is still a federal felony as far as I am aware and my deputies aren’t going to violate federal law,” said Arapaio — who, surprise surprise, is a former employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
What’s that, Arizona voters? You thought medical marijuana was legal in your state, now that you voted to make it so? I guess your sheriff has shown where his true allegiance lies — not with the voters of his county, but with his masters in Washington, D.C.
Maybe you need to remember how much respect this blowhard Sheriff Arpaio has for your vote next time he’s up for reelection.