Wear Your Feelings With This Weed For The People T-Shirt


I’m in favor of it, of course.

You’re a free agent, man. I can’t tell you what to do. But I can tell you what I’ve chosen to do: Wear a “Weed for the People” t-shirt from Mangled Mind Designs.

These high-quality, sand-colored 100 percent cotton Hanes tagless t-shirts feature the slogan “Weed for the People of the United States of America” in old-fashioned, “Constitutional” style script, to let people know where you’re coming from.
You can get ’em for $16.95 apiece (plus $2 if you’re 2XL like me) from Mangled Mind by clicking here.

While you’re on the Mangled Mind site (www.mangledmind.com), give a look to their other cool t-shirt designs, as well.