Website Compares Medical Marijuana Dispensaries For You


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​Running out of cannabis while you’re traveling isn’t just a discomfort, if you’re a medical marijuana patient — it can be a threat to your health. Now there’s a way to not only find cannabis dispensaries while you’re on the road — you can also compare them based on hours, popular strains, promotions and many more categories, if you live in one of the seven medical marijuana states where the service is available. recently added a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Comparison that allows patients in seven states (California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Rhode Island) to find and compare dispensaries.

This is another indicator of just how much progress we’ve made for mainstream acceptance of medical marijuana. Some of the other things you can compare on FindTheBest include business schools, investment advisors, dog food, cigars, golf courses, car insurance, and smart phones.

​Inexplicably, my home state of Washington was left out of the database, so I can’t try the service out for effectiveness. If you live in one of the seven states listed above, I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences with the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Comparison.
“Although this comparison is only available in seven states, FindTheBest is adding information daily in order to create the best comparison possible,” Ben Morrison of FindTheBest told Toke of the Town Friday morning. “So make sure the next time you are traveling to check out the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Comparison and keep that great feeling going all the way home.”
The current top comparison made on the FindTheBest site is for construction management software. Come on, medical marijuana community — let’s put MMJ where it belongs, at the top.
Residents of CA, CO, MI, NM, OR and RI can try out the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Comparison by clicking here.