Colorado Issues First Medical Cannabis Business Licenses In US


Cannabis Therapy Institute
I could surely do without that big ‘CRIMINAL’ up there at the top of the badge, but it’s still good news that the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue has issued the first medical marijuana business licenses in the United States.

​The great state of Colorado has started issuing the first state medical marijuana business licenses in the nation, bringing to fruition an application process that lasted more than a year for dispensaries and makers of cannabis-infused products.

The state issued 11 licenses to businesses in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Littleton, said the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division of the state Department of Revenue, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post.
Another seven shops have been told they’ll probably get a license. The state has sent out letters to local governments regarding an additional 467 dispensaries and products-makers, double-checking that those businesses have local approval, which is one of the final steps in the licensing process.

Root Organic MMC

​The very first medical marijuana license in the United States was presented on Wednesday to Dr. J’s Hash Infusion owner Tom Sterlacci at a meeting of an industry workgroup. The presentation got a standing ovation.
“It’s very historic,” Sterlacci said. “Now we’re not standing alone with the feds. We have the city and the state standing with us.” (But I can almost picture the old cartoon scenario, where he’s saying “You’ve got my back, haven’t you guys… Guys???” in the event of a federal raid.)
Dr. J’s says it produces cannabis-infused treats “that still taste just as good as their un-infused counterparts.” Their menu includes Chocolate Chip Kosmic Kookies, Chocolate Buzz Buttons, Chocolate Chip Magic Muffins, Lemon Poppyseed Magic Muffins, and Gluten Free/Dairy Free Kosmic Kookies. All of Dr J’s medicinal edibles are infused with hashish, hence the “Hash Infusion” part of their name.
Colorado’s regulations for cannabis businesses are the most comprehensive in the nation, according to advocates, who credit the thoroughness of those rules with shielding the businesses from federal raids.