Get The Most Out Of Your Marijuana: Sherlock Luxury Kief Boxes


Sherlock Box
The “Branyan” Sherlock box, the larger of two models, is available for $89.99.

​More and more marijuana users and growers have discovered the joys of kiefing, that is, harvesting some of the trichomes from dried cannabis flowers to make a potent concentrated medicine that can be smoked, sprinkled on foods or in a drink, or used in cooking. One of the best ways to kief (also spelled “kif” or “keif”) buds is with a kief box, especially designed for just that purpose.

That’s where Sherlock Box comes in. Donnie of Sherlock Box told me he began building these kief boxes two years ago.
“The response has been amazing,” Donnie said. “I am in a handful of stores in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I plan on bringing my boxes to the shelves of Denver stores soon.”

Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Ready to go

​The good news is, you don’t have to be in Texas or Colorado to get one of these handcrafted, luxury kief boxes — you can order ’em over the internet (see last paragraph below).
When you buy a Sherlock Box, you are supporting a genuine small business. “Sherlock Box is a two-person operation that builds these boxes in my garage,” Donnie told me.
“I want to put my boxes in the heart of the medicated world,” he said. 
Sherlock Boxes, officially “pipe tobacco humidor boxes” (remember, they’re made in Texas) come in two sizes, the Quintin (5″x8″x2″ $79.99) and the Branyan (5″x8″x3″, $89.99). The boxes are very similar except the Branyan has more storage space and “the world’s strongest magnets” used to hold the frame in place.

Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Two minutes of gentle agitation later… (Imagine what you could do in 30 minutes).

​If you have limited storage space, the Quintin is more compact; if that’s not a factor and you want a bigger box, go with the Branyan.
These kief boxes offer practical benefits like magnetic “Sure Seal” technology to keep those tell-tale odors in place; protection from light degradation of your flowers; and the ability to control the environment around your buds. If you want your plant material to be dryer, take out the included humidifier; if you want them fresher, leave the humidifier in.
According to Sherlock Box, “Our 86 micron screen filters all plant matter unlike other brands.” The cushioned interior and scratch-resistant bottom leaves no doubt that this is a well-constructed, well-thought-out kief box. Its dark wood tones blend inconspicuously with any environment.
My only (slight) quibble with the boxes is the included cutesy guitar-pick-shaped kief collector; while it’s a great for collectors and conversation, a straight-edge piece of plastic such as the plastic “razor blades” included with some other boxes might have been more practical. (Update: Donnie tells me that Sherlock Boxes now include the razor blade, and that the guitar pick is also for picking up crushed buds from the screen.)
If you’re too lazy or stoned to put very much effort into kiefing your buds, you should know that I was able to get a usable amount of kief from some Blue Dream within two minutes. That’s what I call fast results!
The boxes are available online and in person from retailers Lazy Daze in San Antonio and in person at the famed Oat Willie’s with three locations in Austin.

Sherlock Box
Here’s how the Branyan Sherlock Box looks closed.