Mother Jailed, Then Released After Baby Tests Positive For Pot


First Coast News
Nicole Marie Killeen, 24, was jailed after her one-year-old daughter tested positive for marijuana. Charges were dropped on Tuesday.

​A Florida mother was jailed on a child neglect charge after her baby tested positive for marijuana, but the charge was dropped on Tuesday.

The one-year-old child of Nicole Marie Killeen, 24, tested “positive for marijuana” at Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., on September 3, according to the Jackonville Sheriff’s Office, reports Jessica Clark at First Coast News.
A sheriff’s deputy went to the home where the mother lives with her daughter. One marijuana plant and cannabis buds were found in a closet, according to the report, and marijuana seeds and a pipe were allegedly found in the kitchen.

First Coast News
From Nicole Killeen’s Facebook page

​​Killeen said on Tuesday that she was surprised when police found the pot after she allowed them to search the home. She said the marijuana belonged to her roommate, whom she has since kicked out.
A public records search showed that Killeen has been arrested on drug charges in the past.
After the marijuana was found in her home, Killeen was arrested for child neglect because “the marijuana plant had been left in an area that was accessible to the victim,” according to the police report.
The one-year-old is now with Nicole Killeen’s mother, Killeen said.
“It’s very rare,” said John Harrell, a spokesman for the Department of Children and Families, which was contacted after the search. “It’s very disturbing for a case like this to happen.”
“We’re talking about a child so young,” Harrell said. “What we’ve done is arrange for follow-up tests and follow medical check-ups. The child has been doing fine and remains in the care of a relative.” (Editor’s note: There was never any chance that the child would be doing anything but fine, since cannabis is completely non-toxic, and in fact, the body’s own endocannabinoids are naturally present in breast milk, where they are, in fact, good for the baby.)
Killeen said on Tuesday that she doesn’t know how the baby got marijuana in her system.
The child neglect charge against Killeen was dropped on Tuesday, according to the Duval County Clerk of Court records. The Department of Children and Families said its investigation would continue.