Washington Woman Fired For Buying Oregano


Renton Reporter

It was a double bummer. Not only was the weed bunk, she also got fired for buying it.

An employee at the Fred Meyer department store in Renton, Washington, was fired on the spot for buying what she allegedly thought was marijuana in the store’s parking lot on September 9, according to Renton police reports.

A loss-prevention officer at Fred Meyer, 365 Renton Center Way, saw the female employee apparently buying marijuana from a vehicle in the parking lot around 3 p.m., reports Tracy Compton at the Renton Reporter.
The rent-a-cop called police, and the police stood by while the employee was immediately fired.
The employee was not arrested, but she came damn close: the cops had already read her Miranda warnings.
When the cops took a closer look at the “marijuana,” it turned out to be a spice ingredient consistent with oregano.

A couple of possible life-lessons come to mind here, including “know your dealer” and “don’t buy weed in the parking lot where you work.”

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Yeah, this is where the Big Drug Deal went down… wait, there weren’t any drugs, were there? Never mind.