Cannabis Song of the Day: ‘Open Your Eyes’ (The Vibratones)



Toke of the Town’s Song of the Day, the infectious, laid-back groove of “Open Your Eyes,” comes from Finland via talented pro-cannabis rock band The Vibratones.
​”We really feel strongly for the song and the message,” the group’s drummer, Niklas Finnäs, told Toke of the Town on Tuesday. “The cannabis culture in Finland is not as open as in many English speaking countries. It’s not really socially accepted, and that’s mostly due to fear and a lack of knowledge.”

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The Vibratones
The Vibratones live at the Doo Bop Club Band Competition Final

​”Open Your Eyes” was written about two years ago, according to the band, which was formed in 2008 in Jakobstad, Finland. 
“The song is not an in-your-face propaganda song,” Finnäs said of the 2010 tune. “The lyrics are more on the subtle side and go well with the slow comfortable pace of the rhythm and melody. It then builds up to a climax at the end.”

The rest of The Vibratones, in addition to drummer Finnäs, are Tony Kojola on vocals and guitar; Henrik Sundström on guitar, and Mats Ödahl on bass.