Czech Republic Celebrates ‘Cannafest’ Next Weekend


Cannafest Prague 2011

​Next Friday, one of the best festivals in Europe — Cannafest Prague 2011, celebrating the cannabis plant and the culture which has sprung up around it — will kick off in the Czech Republic’s capital.

This will be the second annual Cannafest, and organizers say they’re expecting more than 130 participants from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, France, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, the U.S.A., and, of course, the Czech Republic, reports

Oleg Weedy
The first Cannafest Prague in 2010 was a success, and this year’s edition promises to be even bigger and better

​Cannafest will examine the hemp plant from six perspectives: Natural Resources, Cultivation, Paraphernalia (accessories for cannabis use), Arts, Media and Public Institutions.
Visitors at Cannafest Prague 2011 can expect not only a huge selection of hemp products, but also meetings dedicated to the use of cannabis in medicine and the food industry.
Guests can attend lectures on the history of cannabis and its use in various industries, as well as screenings of documentaries and films on hemp.
An international conference dedicated to hemp, where 25 top industry experts will present reports, will be included as part of Cannafest.
Musical performances by such artists as Basta Fidel, CCTV Allstars, Propaganja, and Sunnyflower will happen throughout the weekend — and reportedly, at least some of the musicians will play on instruments created from hemp!
The event will run all weekend in the Czech Republic, one of the few countries where citizens are allows to possess and use a variety of drugs including marijuana (up to 15 grams), ecstasy (up to four tablets), amphetamine (up to two grams), heroin (1.5 grams) and cocaine (one gram).
Cannafest Prague 2011 will be open on Friday, November 25, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday’s hours will be 11 to 8, and the event will be open Sunday from 11 to 7. The venue will be Incheba Expo Prague Holesovice.
For an official schedule of events at Cannafest Prague 2011, click here.