Event Will Connect Ft. Collins Cannabis Patients With Caregivers


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The Caregiver Connection event will be held at Harmony Wellness’s headquarters in Windsor, Colorado, on Friday, Dec. 16 and on the second Friday of each month thereafter.

​Medical Marijuana Patient Resource Center Helps Patients to Stand United in Face of Bans
Since Fort Collins, Colorado recently voted to ban medical marijuana centers, or MMCs, about 15,000 NoCo patients have wondered: “What will this mean for the medical cannabis community in Northern Colorado?”
In response to a potential epidemic of no safe access for patients, In Harmony Wellness Services is providing pathways to patients for longterm solutions to be able to safely and reliably access their medicine, as outlined in Amendment 20. 

In Harmony Wellness

​In Harmony will be hosting Caregiver Connection, an event aimed at introducing patients and caregivers to each other in order for legal patients to have an opportunity to find a reliable caregiver who is a good fit for their personal medical cannabis needs.
This landmark event will take place at In Harmony Wellness on Friday, December 16 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m., and on the second Friday of every month thereafter, at 4630 Royal Vista Circle Unit 12, Windsor, Colorado.

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Tina Valenti, In Harmony Wellness: “As a patient services and advocacy center, In Harmony Wellness will continue the tradition of assisting patients in need”

​This event is open to all legal MMJ cardholders and caregivers. Reservations can be made at 970-222-5555. Refreshments will be served.
When proponents of the recent ballot Initiative 300 were clamoring to have centers closed, no one was disputing that legitimate patients should continue to have access to cannabis. Indeed, proponents of the ban were heard to say over and over again that they “regretted the inconvenience” it would cause to the patients, but they believed it was “for the best” if the system was just returned to the original caregiver model.
“Even though it was a crushing blow for regulated access in our area, it won’t change the fact that many, many people have found great relief from chronic conditions,” said Tina Valenti, owner of In Harmony Wellness Services. “When people don’t feel good, they want to feel better.”
“The good news for patients,” Valenti said, “is that even though many area dispensaries were voted out, it is still 100 percent legal to become a new patient or to renew as a medical cannabis patient in this state and in this area. Patients registered with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry are still able to enjoy the rights afforded to them as well as the relief.”
In addition to personal caregivers, ongoing options for patients to access their medicine include several dispensaries in the Northern Colorado area which will remain open. Also, patients will be able to continue to grow their own medicine.
In Harmony Wellness Services said it remains an active organization to encourage people to “stay legal and stand united in their choice.”
In Harmony said it is a hub where medical cannabis patients can connect with relevant services such as physician referrals, as well as keep up with the latest news and information, attend classes and events, and more.
For more information on becoming or renewing as a legal medical cannabis patient in the State of Colorado, contact In Harmony Wellness at 970-222-5555 or visit their website at www.inharmonywellness.org.