Michigan AG: Police Can Seize, Keep Legal Medical Marijuana


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette refuses to defend the laws he is sworn to uphold. Is this asshole Michigan’s attorney general, or is he a federal agent?

​Hey Michigan, Your Attorney General Is An Asshole

Police are not required to return confiscated medical marijuana to a patient or caregiver — even though a state law prohibits medical pot seizures, according to an opinion issued by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Thursday.

Schuette, who has evidently mistaken himself for a federal officer rather than someone in charge of enforcing state laws, said the provision in Michigan’s 2008 medical marijuana law directly conflicts with, and is pre-empted by, federal law, reports Kim Kozlowski at The Detroit News.
“By returning marijuana to a registered patient or caregiver, a law enforcement officer is exposing himself or herself to potential criminal and civil penalties under the (federal law) for the distribution of marijuana or abetting the possession of distribution of marijuana,” Schuette’s opinion stated — despite the fact that this scenario has never happened in any state.

So while your illustrious attorney general seems ever-so-concerned about police officers in the great state of Michigan breaking federal law by giving your medicine back, he’s completely unconcerned that the cops broke state law by taking the damn stuff in the first place.
Hey Michigan, is this guy an asshole, or what? What were you thinking when you elected this pathetic moron?

Tom Perkins/AnnArbor.com
Jamie Lowell, 3rd Coast Compassion Center: “There’s a pattern here of him trying to do reveal things to make the law so restrictive or prohibitive so that people can’t participate”

​Schuette’s bullshit opinion followed a request by state Rep. Kevin Cotter (R-Mount Pleasant), who asked the attorney general to clarify a provision in the law.
It is the latest move by the notoriously anti-marijuana Schuette, a vocal critic of Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act.
He campaigned against the issue before voter approval while he was an appellate judge. Since he’s been attorney general, he’s been busily working to block the will of the voters in his own state, flagrantly and cynically showing disregard for the very laws he has sworn to uphold.
As AG, Schuette has filed several briefs supporting prosecutors who interpret the act very narrowly, as in finding every way they can to block effective implementation of the law, and safe  access to medical cannabis.
“There’s a pattern here of him trying to do several things to make the law so restrictive or prohibitive so that people can’t participate,” said Jamie Lowell, owner of 3rd Coast Compassion Center in Ypsilanti.
Medical marijuana advocates were stunned and outraged by the decision, which policy can apply unless and until a court rules otherwise.
Look what has just been handed to the cops: Now they can take medicine from legal medical marijuana patients at will, and they don’t have to give it back. 
“I cannot believe that the AG absolutely refused to honor his own state law, citing preemption by federal mandate,” said Rick Thompson, editor of Michigan Medical Marijuana magazine.
“Who does this man work for?” Thompson asked. “The citizens of Michigan? Or U.S. Attorney General Holder?”