2011: A Cannabis Ode


Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Grand Daddy Purple. Happy New Year from Toke of the Town!

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent

2011 seems like it came and then it went,
While 99 percent of us looked like we’re going to end up in a tent.
Obama looked the other way while Big Pharma continues to have their say,
Reversing his stance because the lobby-heavy drug companies pay.
Heroes of the movement like Matt, Lynnette and Dr. Fry,
Are shut down, victimized and hung out to dry,
While G.W. Pharmaceuticals and others receive the right to dispense,
And they say it’s not medicine unless it makes some cents.

We saw Anthony Weiner’s package up close and personal, 
But when it comes to pot, we’re silent about what’s in the Fed’s arsenal.
The Obama Administration wants to close down our clubs,
Because they’re working with very few flubs,
The Feds can’t allow the dispensaries to flourish,
Like Amsterdam closing the cafes to hungry tourists.
Mexican Mafia has like a thousand plants growing in our fields,
Like somewhere along the line an unholy deal was sealed.
The Boogey Hombre supposedly lies south of the border,
Just ask Fast and Furious and all those cartel gun holders.
Eric and the G-Men would sometimes bust a Carlos or Jose,
But it was mostly the Norte Americano who has to pay — everyday.
The DEA loves to harass law-abiding citizens who toke,
Removing their rights and killing them legally until they’re broke. 
It’s always a joke when some hippie is arrested,
Or when the poor are drug-tested,
But what the everyday people fail to see,
Human rights are supposed to be for you and me.
The National Cancer Institute on their website they said,
That cannabis works, it could be another Med!
Later they removed their online message due to higher-ups’ crazy logic,
So cancer patients on chemo remain to be sick.
More than 50 percent of the nation favors legalization
Why more people are being arrested needs some explanation.
If 16 states and one District of Columbia agree,
When it comes to Medical Marijuana, why can’t we have our keys?
Our Weed was in Wars on TV and in the streets,
But unlike the mentally challenged and convicts with rap sheets,
Medical Marijuana patients aren’t allowed guns for protection, 
From bears and bad guys — Hey, NRA! where’s the affection?
We the people petitioned the President,
About cannabis, he doesn’t care, that’s evident.
As always it up to us to find our way,
Can’t let the momentum or movement now go astray.
I joke about voting for a Mitt or a Ron Paul,
But the truth, with this Pres I’m still appalled.
If he wants to remain in his seat in 2012,
He shouldn’t let Medical Marijuana hide on the shelf.
Maybe he should inhale one more time,
He said that was the purpose, it shouldn’t be a crime.
And give us back your promise of hope and change, 
Mr. Obama, not all your money comes from the stock exchange.
I wish y’all a healthy and safe New Year,
Leave this year behind without any fear.
In 2011, the Feds did their worst in the guise of a form letter,
Don’t worry; 2012 can only get better.
I do not dread the Government, or a president who tries to makes me frown, 
As long as Steve continues to publish Toke of the Town!

Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town correspondent Jack Rikess blogs from the Haight in San Francisco

Jack Rikess, a former stand-up comic, writes a regular column most directly found at jackrikess.com.

Jack delivers real-time coverage following the cannabis community, focusing on politics and culture.

His beat includes San Francisco, the Bay Area and Mendocino-Humboldt counties.

He has been quoted by the national media and is known for his unique view with thoughtful, insightful perspective.