Idaho Man Loses Appeal To Smoke Pot For Religious Reasons


Idaho Statesman
Cary White, shown here backpacking in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, has argued in court — unsuccessfully so far — that he has a religious right to use cannabis.

​When Cary William White got stopped by Boise, Idaho police in 2007 for a bad headlight, the cops noticed a pill bottle with a green leafy substance between the driver’s seat and the console. White admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that day from a pipe which was found under his seat.

White fought back, making motions to dismiss the misdemeanor marijuana possession and paraphernalia charges on the grounds that his “sacred” use of cannabis is protected by Idaho’s religious freedom law.

But the Idaho Court of Appeals, in a unanimous Wednesday ruling, agreed with two lower courts, finding that “White’s marijuana use is not substantially motivated by a religious belief.” How convenient that they were able to read his mind and assess his heart. (Oh yeah — they weren’t.)