Marijuana Grower Avoids Prison Because His Weed Sucks


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​Despite being caught with enough growing homegrown cannabis to land him in prison, a man in western Sweden last month escaped with probation and a fine because the pot he grew was of such poor quality.

The 35-year-old man admitted to the court he had grown the marijuana plants at home for his personal use, and stored them in the attic, reports Joel Linde at English-language Swedish newspaper The Local.
Before reaching a successful harvest, the harsh Swedish climate had killed the cannabis crop. In a last-ditch desperation effort, the determined grower tried trimming away the dead weed, but to no avail.
Since under Swedish law the entire cannabis plant is considered a drug, the man was still found guilty of possession — but the fact that the weed sucked so bad, kept him out of prison.
“That’s an evaluation that the court will make,” said Sara Malmhester at the Swedish Prosecution Authority. “If (the drugs) don’t work, it could lead to a milder sentence.”

“The level (of THC) in the drugs affects the sentence, since a better plant produces more of the drug to be abused,” the humorless Malmhester said. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive substance in marijuana.
By pointing out the low THC level in his plants, the man convinced the Värmland court and prosecution that he should get a reduced sentence.
The exact level of THC in the cannabis was never tested, “so what the man was actually in possession of might in fact have been closer to hemp than any smokeable drug,” The Local reported.
But everyone seemed happy with the ruling.
“I don’t wish to comment on my personal emotions, but looking at the case I think this is a reasonable sentence,” said prosecutor Ludmila Pronko.