Medical Marijuana Advocacy Group Launches iPhone App


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Here’s the iPad version. The ASA Advocacy App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Soon to come will be the Android version.

​​Medical marijuana patient advocates now have better access to tools for getting educated and taking action. Grassroots advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) on Wednesday launched a first-of-its-kind, free iPhone application that serves the medical marijuana community.

According to ASA, the app will make it easier for advocates to get educated and take political action. The ASA Advocate App gives users access to all the organization’s projects and programs.

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The awesome Steph Sherer, ASA: “We have to be innovative if we want the widespread public support that exists for medical marijuana to translate into concrete results”

​”The ASA Advocate App is another way to empower grassroots action that is bringing change on medical marijuana policies to every corner of the country, said ASA Executive Director Steph  Sherer. “We have to be innovative if we want the widespread public support that exists for medical marijuana to translate into concrete results.
“The ASA Advocate App will help put greater pressure on all levels of government to adopt sensible medical marijuana policies,” Sherer said.
Specifically, the ASA Advocacy App will provide immediate updates on rapidly changing local, state, and federal issues across the country to keep users informed on the latest in medical marijuana politics, science, law and community action.
In addition to ASA news feeds, users will also have easy access to political action alerts, video advocacy trainings, and ASA’s printed publications, such as newsletters, condition-based booklets, and legal manuals, all from their iPhone, IPad or iPod Touch devices.
The ASA Advocate App even guides users to businesses in their community that support the work of ASA.
The ASA Advocate App will also allow users to become members of the organization’s 50,000-strong grassroots network. And because of heightened concern over federal interference in medical marijuana states, the ASA Advocate App connects users to a legal hotline and enables them to sign up for raid alerts and activist phone trees.
The app is currently only accessible from Apple devices, but will be expanded to Android and other app markets over the next few months, according to ASA.
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Downloadable ASA Advocate App:
Since 2002, Americans for Safe Access has been educating patients, doctors, lawyers, scientists, key decision-makers, and the general public on issues concerning medical marijuana. The organization has also used lobbying and litigation over the years to help achieve the goals of protecting and expanding the rights of medical marijuana patients across the United States.