My 86-Year-Old Mom Gave Me This Weed Piggy Bank For Xmas


Copyright 2006 Jesus Had A Sister Productions. Photos by Steve Elliott ~alapoet~

Ah, Christmas. It’s a great time to remind those for whom we care that we think about them all the time.

My 86-year-old mother did exactly that this season when she sent me, from Alabama, a weed piggy bank. Thanks for the assistance in financial planning, Mom!

​”Everyone knows a good bag of drugs can put you out of a few dollars,” it reads on one side of the bank. “That’s why we’ve created this amazing money saving plan.”
“Just pick up pennies you find on the street and carefully drop them in,” we’re helpfully instructed. “Collecting money makes cents… cents for sinsemilla.”
“We stole some money from our Gramma to buy drugs!” three wholesome-looking baseball-playing boys tell us from the other side panel, adorned with decorative hearts.
“Touchdowns are for losers!” reads one front side of the double-front-side box. “The only thing I wanna score is some good drugs!”
Editor’s note for the literally minded: One of the best ways to deflate Reefer Madness hysteria is to confront it head-on by parodying it. That’s what is going on here. Thank you for your concern!
The weed cash box, measuring 3.5″ x 4.5″, is available for $7.99 plus shipping. They have a minimum order of $15, so you’ll need to order two boxes — it’s never too late to think of a friend!
If you’d like your own metal bank/cash stash, this one and others are for sale at Blue Q Banks,
(Be aware, as all-American as they look, they’re manufactured in China.)

Thanks, Mom!!