NBA Stops Testing For Marijuana In The Off-Season


Ronald Martinez
LeBron James can’t be bummed out about the news: No testing for pot in the NBA’s off-season

​Just because you’re seven feet tall doesn’t have to mean you can’t get higher. The National Basketball Association’s new labor agreement will not test players for marijuana during the off-season. Players will only be tested for performance-enhancing drugs.

The walk-out is all behind us now. And it seems the players were able to get an even better deal under the new NBA labor contract, reports Rena Karefa-Johnson of Buzz:60.
“You’d think after all the walk-out, the last thing the players would want in the off-season is something that would make it go even slower,” Karefa-Johnson said.

“Considering that players like LeBron James and Stephon Marbury have bluntly admitted that there are players who do enjoy the reefer, this is bound to have some lighting up in celebration,” wrote Buzz:60.
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Rena Karefa-Johnson of Buzz:60