Toke of the Town’s Cannabis Song of the Day: Get Lifted (Taylor)


Taylor, who performs “Get Lifted,” is a 19-year-old hip hop artist out of New Jersey. 

“I’m a huge supporter of marijuana, and I’m not just some kid who smokes it — I do plenty of reading and research on the good it could do for so many people,” Taylor told Toke of the Town Wednesday morning.

“I actually didn’t start getting very good at rapping until I started smoking weed,” Taylor told us. “I’ve always rapped and wrote lyrics, but I didn’t become really good until I started experimenting with the herb. I’ve always heard pot and musicians go together, now I see why. 

“As far as what I think should happen to marijuana, it should be completely decriminalized,” Taylor said. “No reason why there’s laws on what we choose to do with a plant.”

Taylor: “I’m a huge supporter of marijuana, and I’m not just some kid who smokes it”

“Get Lifted” is Taylor’s first official music video; after he released it in October it ended up going viral on YouTube, amassing more than 70,000 views in under two months. The video was shot and edited by Jon Kilmer.

‚ÄčThe song will be included on Taylor’s upcoming free album Rooftop Dreams, which is scheduled to come out December 23.

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