Vermont Governor Supports Doctors Prescribing Marijuana


The Walrus Speaks
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin supports Wednesday’s call by Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee to reschedule marijuana, allowing it to be prescribed by doctors and sold by pharmacies

‚ÄčA spokeswoman for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin said he supports and will sign on to an effort to allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, and pharmacists to fill the prescriptions.

Shumlin is joining a petition by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to change marijuana’s current classification as a Schedule I drug, reports the Associated Press. Schedule I classification makes cannabis illegal to prescribe or dispense for medicinal use.
Vermont’s current medicinal cannabis law allows a small number of very sick people in the state to register with the state Department of Public Safety and sets up procedures for them to obtain marijuana.

On Wednesday, Gregoire and Chafee called on the DEA to reschedule cannabis to Schedule II, which would allow doctors to prescribe it and pharmacies to sell it, but would still prohibit home growing and would possibly turn over control of the medical marijuana cottage industry to Big Pharma.