Colorado State Senator Pushing Marijuana DUI Bill Again


The Denver Post
Rep. Steve King seems to cut a few corners ethically when it comes to finance. But you shouldn’t notice that, really! You should notice his great hair and his hare-brained idea to bust you for driving under the influence of marijuana.

‚ÄčFor the second time in two years, Colorado state Senator Steve King is pushing a marijuana DUI bill that caps how much THC drivers can have in their system when behind the wheel. There would be zero tolerance for people without medical marijuana cards.

Last year, the bill drew stiff opposition as critics questioned the science of testing how high someone is — and how, exactly, that affects their ability to operate a motor vehicle, reports Don Coleman at KJCT 8.
“I hear this story about well the science isn’t there,” blustered King. “The science is there and it’s written in the blood if innocent people killed by DUI-D [driving under the influence of drugs]drivers.”

“Let’s just take that argument and we’ll go to the family members and we’ll make that argument and we’ll see if the family members think that there is no science to indicate that this in an issue,” King cluelessly blathered, spittle forming at the corners of his over-active mouth.
Of course, he’s full of shit when it comes to marijuana and driving; many scientific studies show that cannabis affects experienced drives only slightly or not at all, and has no effect on accident rates.
Besides, if pot really did cause car accidents, that fact would become painfully clear, just as the toll from alcohol-related crashes has become impossible to ignore.
Meanwhile, though, you have Sen. King, the ignorant, grandstanding politician, always looking for an angle and a superhero’s cape.
But who can blame the well-coiffed gasbag? After all, the corrupt piece of shit got in hot water — and drew an ethics probe — after he allegedly charged both the state and his campaign fund for travel expenses. Double-dipping, anyone?
Toke of the Town was unable to confirm a rumor that Sen. King spent most of the ill-gotten gains on hair care products, along with numerous mirrors in which to admire his reflection.
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