Fake AT&T Service Truck Was Delivering A Ton Of Marijuana


Texas Department of Safety (DPS)
You know you’re gonna wonder every time you see one of these now, for the rest of your life.

​Your Weed. Delivered.®

Two men were jailed after law enforcement found more than a ton of marijuana aboard a fake AT&T service truck in Texas.

A Texas state trooper pulled over what looked like an AT&T work truck for going 72 miles per hour in a 60 zone, just west of the Hidalgo County community of McCook, reports Sergio Chapa at ValleyCentral.com.
The trooper knew something must be up when the driver took off running on foot. Aaron Arrellano-Salgado didn’t get far, though, before he was caught.

Texas Department of Safety (DPS)
They managed to cram more than a ton of weed (odds are, low-grade Mexi-schwag) aboard the fake AT&T truck.
After taking a look inside the fake AT&T truck, authorities found 2,168 pounds of marijuana in 189 bundles.
State troopers also pulled over a second car, driven by one Wilfredo Garza-Salgado, for running a stop sign nearby. Turns out, according to court records at least, Garza-Salgado was escorting the AT&T truck.
The cops claim that records show a man in Roma, Texas planned to pay Arellano-Salgado $1,000 to drive the fake AT&T truck, and that Garza-Salgado was supposed to get $500 to escort it.
Both men appeared before an unamused U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Peter Ormsby in McAllen on Friday the 13th. 
Judge Ormsby denied bond for both of them until a January 19 hearing.