It’s Summer In Australia And The Cannabis Is Vegging Out


“Some sativas in Australia doing well,” Moose said of the photo with his typical understatement. I’d have had to put “luscious” in there somewhere.

It’s summertime in Australia, and our friend Moose has given us a crop update, where the pretty sativas are at the height of veg.
In the photo above, Mullumbimby Madness, Oaxacan x Mazar, Mullumbimby Madness x Super Silver Haze, Oaxacan x Super Silver Haze, and Early Mullumbimby Madness plants are flourishing in the summer heat.

“The breeder/grower is a great mate of mine (Kangativa),” Moose told Toke of the Town. “Some of these plants will reach 25 feet high come July (harvest is done in winter as climate is sub-tropical).”
According to Moose, some of these plants will yield as much as 10 pounds of dry flowers by harvest time.

Bonus photo: Double Grape Lemonade close to harvest