The Elegant Solution: End Cannabis Enforcement In Colorado


Michelle LaMay
Michelle LaMay founded Cannabis University™ and is author of The Colorado Relief for the Possession of Cannabis Act of 2012

Guest Editorial
By Michelle LaMay
Author, The Colorado Relief for the Possession of Cannabis Act of 2012
One of the most viable seeds of the passionate intolerance for pot — amongst my peers, and now their sons and daughters — sprouted when the men came home from Vietnam. My other peers, “hippies,” spat on them! Hate and extreme prejudice quickly took root and thrived on a haze of titillating propaganda sucked up by the exploitative media.
“Hippies use cannabis”… and if it is discovered that cannabis becomes a drug of choice, that cannabis user is condemned by two generations of biased zealots at home and, most damagingly, by prohibition laws.

Now, 12 years in to the 21st century, cannabis use is being examined, finally.

Michelle LaMay
Michelle LaMay wrote this guest editorial

​As the founder of Cannabis University™ Inc., I have taken many a phone call from a baby boomer wanting to try it again because, having “tried” it when they were young, they know it is not dangerous to their health and could replace their prescription opiates. I encourage them to get the “red card,” but that is a barrier for most cannabis users in Colorado for many reasons.
The real problem for a million cannabis users in Colorado is having a criminal record, for themselves or a beloved family member because of possession.
The elegant solution is to stop fines and sentences for possession of the genus cannabis, ending enforcement in the state of Colorado.
Put Initiative #40 to the people: Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution prohibiting the courts from imposing any fine or sentence for the possession of cannabis?
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Editor’s note: Michelle LaMay wrote this guest editorial, and the opinions expressed are hers.