Man Accuses Cop Of Mistaking His Genitals For Marijuana


Gwinnett County Jail
Bryan Brown is facing drug charges after a traffic stop on I-85 just north of Hamilton Mill Road. He says the officer who searched him “grabbed his dick.”

…​Gets Busted Anyway

A Georgia man is facing marijuana charges after a traffic stop on Interstate 85 just north of Lawrenceville.

On the afternoon of February 3, Bryan Brown, 21, was stopped by a Gwinnett County Police officer for tailgating another vehicle, reports Kristi Reed at the Dacula Patch. The officer approached the passenger side window of Brown’s car and claimed he detected the strong odor of marijuana. According to the police report, Brown “showed signs of nervousness,” including shaky hands and an unsteady voice.

The officer had Brown exit the vehicle and began questioning him. He asked Brown if he had ever been arrested before, and Brown, perhaps unwisely, admitted he’d been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
Brown denied having any marijuana in the car and consented to a search of the vehicle.
“The odor of unburned marijuana was overwhelming as I stood next to Brown,” wrote the easily impressed officer in his arrest report.
The cop handcuffed Brown and began searching him. During the search, the officer put his hand on and felt what he claimed he thought was a bag of marijuana.
“Brown pulled away and said that I had grabbed his ‘dick,’ ” the officer wrote.
Brown then claimed that another officer had once been fired for touching him.
The officer explained to Brown that he believed there was marijuana in his pants, and that he intended to find it.
While waiting with the officer for a backup unit to arrive, Brown asked if he could just go home if he told the officer where the cannabis was located. Brown then admitted having some pot in a bag and some more in his pants.
After moving to a location where Brown would be shielded from the view of passing motorists, the officer removed a bag of marijuana that had been hidden in the crotch of Brown’s pants.
During a search of Brown’s vehicle, the officer also found a digital scale, as well as cannabis stems and ashes.
Brown was thrown in the Gwinnett County Jail and — not for the first time, apparently — charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
He remains jailed with no bond.