Meth-Head Woman Burns Down One Of Earth’s Oldest Trees


The Raw Story
Sara Barnes admitted she burned down one of the oldest trees in the world while smoking meth

​That’s definitely not what we mean when we say “burnin’ trees.” A 26-year-old Florida woman on Tuesday afternoon admitted to burning down one of the oldest trees in the world while smoking methamphetamine.

Sara Barnes was arrested after admitting she set The Senator, a 118-foot, 3,500-year-old bald cypress tree, afire the night of January 16 in Longwood, Florida, reports Mary Nguyen at WFTV.
Barnes, who admitted she was smoking meth with a friend at the time, said she lit the ancient tree on fire so that she could see in the dark, but couldn’t stop it from spreading, reports Andrew Jones at The Raw Story.
What do you bet this miserable meth-headed moron had dropped a rock (or pipe) on the ground and was looking for it?

Sara Barnes being loaded into the back of a Seminole County Sheriff’s Department patrol car on Tuesday

​Barnes, unemployed and a “known drug user,” hid her face as Seminole County deputies took her away in handcuffs.
“That’s sad,” said one resident. “A tree that is so historic is gone because someone is being careless.”
Authorities said they initially suspected an arsonist, but also believed lightning might have caused the fire. It was through Crimeline tips that they learned Barnes and a friend had been inside the tree smoking meth.
Flames burned the tree from the inside out.
State agents said that Barnes (who is apparently quite stupid) actually took pictures of the fire and had the images on her cellphone and computer. Officials said she showed people the photos and told them “I can’t believe I burned down a tree older than Jesus.”
Agents said more arrests could be coming up. Barnes is facing felony charges, and could get up to five years in prison.
The Senator, which was a landmark in Longwood, was the fifth oldest tree in the world.