Over-Medicated America: How Big Pharma Greed Hooked The US


Created by: Medical Billing and Coding Online

Many of us are already familiar with how Big Pharma’s deep pockets and (thanks to the Supreme Court’s horrendous Citizens United decision) unlimited political contributions have helped keep cannabis illegal.

Some of us are aware that the pharmaceutical industry is, even as we speak, likely making a move to take over the medical marijuana industry, eliminate dispensaries, eliminate home-growing, eliminate cannabis flowers, and reduce “medical marijuana” to less effective, overpriced pills and potions.
But it’s even worse than that.

Big Pharma has, for years, perverted not only the political process for the sake of gigantic profits; it has also perverted the scientific process in order to get dangerous drugs into the pharmacies and the hands of patients — even while bribing doctors to prescribe ever-more of their poisons.
Had about enough? Yeah, me too. Support your local dispensary. Grow your own weed. Fuck Big Pharma.