BudGenius Offers Free Online Menu For Marijuana Dispensaries


MenuGenius is, according to BudGenius.com, the only free menu that supports both tested and untested medicine

BudGenius.com, an online medical marijuana laboratory system, has announced “MenuGenius,” a new online tool available to all cannabis caregivers. The application is offered to all marijuana professionals who sign up for a free account on the BudGenius.com system, according to the company.

The online medicine menu displays statistics for both tested and untested variants of medical marijuana, and is deployable to nearly any website at no additional charge, according to BudGenius.
Medical marijuana directory websites can also take advantage of the tool, as it has been developed to integrate as an add-on module into several popular content management systems, offering native search capabilities for listed strains. According to BudGenius, directory websites can also increase their revenue through an affiliate business model for medical cannabis testing, which comes integrated with the MenuGenius software.


​BudGenius said it expects MenuGenius to largely replace its previously developed “badges” program, a system of deployable strain graphics for tested cannabis strains responsible for 20 percent of overall BudGenius.com site traffic.
By introducing MenuGenius to all dispensaries nationwide, this is expected to increase overall web traffic by 250 percent within six months, furthering brand awareness and forming new relationships for future product releases, according to the company. Ongoing increases in web traffic are planned to set a substantial foundation for BudGenius’ advertising network, slated for release later this year.
According to BudGenius, dispensaries will find the tool an appealing module to attract new patients, service current patients, and lower website development costs. Delivery services will also find the tool useful, according to BudGenius, by connecting patients with their immediately available inventory.
Caregivers are encouraged to deploy the menu nearly anywhere online, including websites, forums, directories, and even email newsletters, all of which can be updated simultaneously in real time.
“We are thrilled to be introducing the first easy-to-read online menu that displays important statistics while also showcasing the beauty of each cannabis strain,” said BudGenius CEO Angel Starz. “We expect MenuGenius will encourage additional testing by medically conscious caregivers, while also supporting the cannabis industry through open information sharing.”
A demonstration of MenuGenius is available at:
BudGenius launched an exclusive version of the menu earlier this year with strategic partner GreenbookPages.com, and celebrated with a widely distributed Los Angeles area billboard campaign. Caregivers immediately seeking a directory service that has integrated MenuGenius are invited to contact Greenbook Pages for their services.
MenuGenius will be available on April 2 for cannabis caregivers nationwide. Caregivers interested in participating immediately are encouraged to sign up at http://www.BudGenius.com/signup.html for a beta trial account.