Oklahoma GOP Kills Legislation To Drug Test Politicians


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​​With some of the wack-ass laws emanating from the Oklahoma Legislature recently — I mean, come on, life in prison for hash? — you might wonder if those Okie lawmakers are on drugs, or something.

Well, you’re just gonna have to keep wondering, because the Republican-led Oklahoma Senate has killed legislation that would have required politicians to be drug tested, along with people receiving temporary public assistance, reports Michael Allen at Opposing Views.
The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services on Monday passed a bill that would require applicants for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to undergo a mandatory drug test, reports KSWO-TV, but they stripped out language that would have required they themselves be tested.

Something to hide, there, fellas? Don’t your paychecks come straight from taxpayer money, too, just like welfare?

This moron, GOP Sen. David Holt, stripped out the Democratic amendment that would have tested lawmakers themselves, calling it a “stunt.” Of course, those “dirty” welfare recipients still have to be tested, even though their government checks aren’t nearly as large as Holt’s.

​Democrats in the Oklahoma House who opposed the legislation had added the amendment requiring anyone seeking public office to pass a drug test, along with the welfare recipients.
GOP Sen. David Holt, who authored the drug-testing bill, removed the Democrats’ amendment, describing it as a “stunt” by those who oppose the concept of testing public-assistance recipients.
The bill requires those receiving TANF to pay for a drug test and then be reimbursed if they test negative. Under the bill, children whose parents fail the drug test could receive benefits through a “designated appointee.”
On Monday, Utah became the latest state to pass a law requiring that welfare applicants be tested for drugs. Florida, Arizona, and Missouri have also approved laws requiring low-income parents seeking federal cash assistance to pass a drug test.
According to one estimate, Florida’s law — signed by Tea Party wing nut Gov. Charlie Crist — cost the Sunshine state about $5 for each $1 it saves. That law has been put on hold by a federal judge.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah says that requiring drug testing for people receiving public benefits under House Bill 155 is potentially unconstitutional. Republican bill sponsor Rep. Brad Wilson claims anyone who fails Utah’s drug test could enroll in one of those annoyingly bogus “treatment programs” to avoid losing benefits.
Wild guess: Could Rep. Wilson have gotten a campaign contribution from the “drug rehab” scam artists in his state? Somebody check his pockets.