Safe Access: If A Cannabis Patient Is Cut Down Mid-Disease, Does Anyone Hear It?


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By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Verb:  1. Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.
         2. Evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.
Picture the State of California in your mind. Now imagine the Attorney General taking a pair of Federal scissors and cutting along the dotted line below and above California’s largest city, leaving Los Angeles as an island. Not content to stop there, Cali’s Top Law Dog is now on a serrated blood trail with Federal Fiskars in hand.
She continues undercutting the will of the People by lopping off areas of California like a mad child decapitating paper dolls. Soon, if she has her way, all of California’s dispensaries will be gone.

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​From San Diego north to that big burg of unregulated trouble that is Los Gangeles, dispensaries are being closed. The northern sector of the state has been under siege since the end of last year. The rumors are now it is the Central Valley’s turn. And who cares? 
Right now if you were to ask our politicians, our civic leaders, those elected officials who supposedly represent our voice, what is happening with medical cannabis, you’d get nothing. Zilch. Bupkiss. There aren’t any politicians besides Tom Ammiano and Mark Leno who are standing up to this unconstitutional March of Destruction. 
As each of these clubs close, so does access for so many patients that do not have the mobility to procure their medicines from far-reaching collectives. We’re talking about people in wheelchairs and hooked up to machines or having just finished a round of chemo; so many are alone, without financial and emotional resources. 
The conservative estimate is that there around 30,000 to 40,000 medical cannabis patients in San Francisco. Because there isn’t a master list anywhere with accurate totals, you can assume that Southern California has a few more patients than that.

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​Where do they go when they can’t get their medicine?
And again, who cares?
Not the “Liberal Media.” Not Keith Obermann or Rachel Maddow, who have never covered a story once to my knowledge concerning the chokehold that the Feds are doing to the Will of the People. 
Imagine for second that a bill that passes saying it is now legal for U.S. citizens to carry concealed weapons on Amtrak or in state parks and for some reason, our Justice Department decided that they didn’t like that law and busted other-wise law-abiding citizens for carrying out their new rights. 
Could you imagine America remaining closed-mouth if, God Forbid, a gun right that was passed as law wasn’t allowed to flourish? Of course the NRA is never silent, except when Medical Cannabis users were denied their Second Amendment rights.
They speak up for mentally-challenged gun owners and for felons, but war veterans who want to take cannabis for relief from PTSD and have a rifle for protection from wolves and bears? Not a peep from the Hestonites. 


​Is there ever a possibility that a gun law could be enacted and not enforced? No way. 
Oh yeah, by the way, the crazy who shot Representative Gifford in Tucson and killed six other people? He is being forcibly medicated in the hopes that some of the crazy will leave him, he’ll get back to his normal and Arizona Law will have a better chance of convicting him.
So it is okay that he gets drugs while the patients in the Grand Canyon State have to wait for their medication until Groovy Govy Jan decides if she wants the Medical Cannabis law to go on the books. Don’t hold your breath on this one. Just inhale.
Slowly and methodically, access to medical cannabis is being silenced in the Golden State. It is my belief that besides for San Francisco and Los Angeles, which the Feds are saving for last, the plan is to shut down all dispensaries one by one. Once the hinterlands are contained, they’ll go after Tinsel Town and Baghdad by the Bay for complete closure.  
Through it all, there isn’t one shout or reaction from our media or politicians about the pogrom against patients and Medical Cannabis. Not one. 

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​The good governor from Rhode Island and law enforcement officials in Mendocino County are appealing to the Feds for clarification on their policies, but as the Feds are not forthcoming with any information on why they are reversing the legislation that the voters passed, where is the outcry!
Somehow cannabis became a joke. The perception is that pot is for stoners and cannabis is a made-up word invented for the media. That would be true except everyday another person, who doesn’t consider themselves a cannabis patient, is diagnosed with some affliction and needs treatment. If you have a loved one that isn’t eating or experiencing the pain of their nerve endings disintegrating, then you know the relief that cannabis provides.
Sadly, those who have the power, like our president and congress, only seem to mock us. They believe Medical Cannabis is a sham and should be regulated the same as heroin. Hence, the smokescreen goes on. 
Somehow, cannabis isn’t taken seriously.
Just like women. How sad it is when a law student comes before our congress to testify as a good America, doing her civic duty, testifying for a friend mind you, because of that friend’s fear of the wrath of media. 
That kind of bravery needs to be squashed. 

Sandra Fluke learned the price of speaking out in the United States

​True to its ideals, America lost it. Ms. Sandra Fluke, for her gallantry in testifying before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the importance of contraceptive coverage for students and employees at religious-affiliated institutions, she was called a slut and whore.
For five days, Ms. Fluke was held up to ridicule in the sights of transmitting ogres and beasts without conscience because she had the gall to ask. She became a target and her character was then attacked. Politicians who previously had no qualms when leaving their comatose first wives were suddenly speculating piously about Ms. Fluke’s sexuality. Why else would women ask for health care unless there is something wrong with them sexually? 
We’re gonna need pictures of her doing the dirty before we can proceed, so said the Republican Voice of the Land.
This country doesn’t have the maturity to deal with sex and medical cannabis. It is too easy to giggle about. Old, fat white guys can’t handle the straight talk.

Old, white fat guys like Rush Limbaugh can’t handle the straight talk.

​In the eyes of the people who listen to Rush Limbaugh, contraception is a sham. That these pills and morning-after abortion remedies are another way for women to be promiscuous and have us pay for their medicine and sex at the same time.
See, women are whores and men are providers. 
I would like to support our President. I think he has made great inroads in changing the way we do business, and he will be honored for that in the future.
Because of his reversal and crackdown on medical cannabis, I can’t vote for him in 2012. But I can say he is the first president in my lifetime, since Jimmy Carter, that has spoken to us as a nation of adults.  
Obama broached the subject of state-sponsored birth control. Oh My God! You would think he was talking about dismantling NASCAR. Those twice and thrice-married senators and congressmen freaked, almost canceling their nooners at the Watergate, at the thought of Catholic hospitals and the like having to provide health care for their workers. That’s crazy talk. 
Give women reproductive rights and next thing you know, they’re going to want to have their own orgasm.

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​While the politicians gang up on Obama for raising the issue that the government should help out on the cost of women’s coverage, not one of the members of the Sausage Factory mentioned that the very health care plan that doesn’t allow for women to have access to medical care, supplies the same Catholic workers with Viagra. 
That’s because when a white man has a problem, he’s heard.
Every day in California, it seems, another dispensary is given walking papers. You can figure for every clinic that closes, some 1,500 patients that without medications are doomed to live the rest of their days in pain.
Who cares?
Marijuana’s a joke. Didja hear about that wacky religion in Hawaii that wants to incorporate cannabis as part of their ceremonies? Get this; they wanted to smoke it as part of their culture and history. Scam, jokers, phonies and fakers, all of them. 
Oh yeah, by the end of Prohibition, because of the demand by Northern California Catholic Diocese for their ceremonies and rituals, Beaulieu Vineyards, expanded their selections of wines by nine new varieties. This is when alcohol was illegal.

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​But that was different; it was for religious ceremonies. Hey, wait a sec.
Once again, all people are born equal, it just that some are born more equal.
We are entering that miasma of converging values and a love for blatant hypocrisy. In Washington state, judges have excused pharmacists from dispensing the so-called abortion pill-Plan B — because of religious reasons. Basically, if someone objects to HIV medication or some other controversial treatment, that guy in the white smock with that gross arm hair has the right to tell you No.
Why? Because he said so!
At the same time, while Howard Sprague is putting his foot down and just saying “No!” The kids at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania can get the same “morning-after” pill by sliding $25 into a vending machine.
That’s right. What is verboten on the West Coast is available 24/7 in the land of the Amish. That is the consistency that keeps this great country of ours knee-deep in the muck.
It is about the ability to resonate, or being heard.
Women should consider themselves lucky that they have a voice in medicine. It wasn’t until the 70s that the FDA allowed for women t
o be tested along men for possible bad reactions discovered during clinical trials. In 1993, it became a law that any new drug also had to be tested on women. 1993!
The fix is in. It goes like this: Get elected. Serve your people for a little while. Then go into lobbying or the Federal Drug Administration. That way, everything stays the same. Translation: The money stays in the same pockets without any down time.


​Medical cannabis was working. The Sheriff’s program in Mendocino was perfect proof of that. That’s why the Federal Government had to shut it down.
And who is there to complain? The people they call “potheads?” That’s the same as those whores who want free screenings for breast cancer and some relief for birthing all of those babies.
Why don’t we say only Democrats get abortions? Can we agree on that if women are requesting information about birth control or some form of contraception, they must be a whore or slut? That if you are wanting access to medical cannabis, you’re nothing but a pothead?
There is a total of 535 Congresspeople and Senators who control our lives. Again, there about 45,000 patients in San Francisco who want access to our medicine and we want it now.
What do we need to do in order to be heard? What is that we have to do to ensure resonance with our message? How do we deal with the immaturity of old, white men that cannot have an adult conversion about women’s needs without turning it into a letter to Penthouse magazine?
Here’s the deal: I suspect that Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona smokes weed. We live in that kind of hypocrisy. Do you really think that Republicans do not smoke cannabis? 
If it wasn’t for Toke of the Town, I wouldn’t have known that Vice President Biden was involved with a drug summit in Mexico. It wasn’t news in any of the majors like the N.Y.Times or the Journal. South of the Border, America’s Second-in-Charge reiterated the US’s policy of making sure that only the cartels or Big Pharma shall control the drug trade.
The Vice President reassured the Mexican government that even with 16 American states and Washington, D.C., voting for medical cannabis, the United States Federales will turn over laws, bust heads and take property if needed to make sure the American people understand who dispenses the medicine and when.
Jumping Joe reaffirmed American’s commitment to the Drug War. It is the United States three-prong goal that A) we keep our prisons filled with first-time offenders, B) those of skins to be darker than white to always be a suspect and C) to ensure that the Black Market thrives so that the usual suspects keep their PayPal accounts full and everything stays the same. 
There is very little difference in my mind on how women are being treated and the perception of the medical cannabis movement. Neither is being taken seriously when push comes to shove. 
The real truth is the rich and powerful has access to whatever they need or want.
We need to realize that it isn’t only Democrats and wanton women who need contraception coverage and want to keep abortion legal and available, that it is not only stoners who use weed for relief and that safe access should be our right as humans, not just for a fat, white few.

Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town correspondent Jack Rikess blogs from the Haight in San Francisco

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