Anti-Pot Wingnut Wants Ammiano Removed From Committee


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Anti-marijuana wing nut Paul Chabot: “Ammiano is a long-time advocate of drug legalization and has sponsored a number of anti-pubic [sic]safety bills”

Coalition for a Drug Free California Wants To Punish Assembly Member For Supporting Medical Marijuana Patients

The Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC), an extremist anti-marijuana fringe group headed by entertaining wingnut Paul Chabot, has called for California Assembly Member Tom Ammiano to be removed from his chairmanship of the Public Safety Committtee.

You see, Ammiano has dared to voice his support for medical marijuana, and that’s just not permissible in the stuffed-shirt little nightmare world inhabited by Chabot and his minions — and they want to force the rest of us to live in that fucked up little world, too.

“Ammiano is a long-time advocate of drug legalization and has sponsored a number of anti-pubic [Editor’s note: CDFC made that typo, I didn’t! Paging Dr. Freud!] safety bills,” CDFC grimly informs us in a hysterical Monday press release.

Our hero: California Assembly-member Tom Ammiano supports medical marijuana patients

Leaving aside the humorous “pubic” typo, Ammiano supports “anti-public safety bills”? Really? REALLY? So, he supports bills requiring people to what? Drive too fast? Discharge firearms on city streets? No? Oh, he just wants to let sick people use marijuana. How inexcusably rude of him!
Chabot offers us some examples of what he’s talking about; we don’t have to wonder what his twisted little mind means.
“A sampling of Ammiano’s pro-drug anti public safety bills include [sic](not all inclusive):”
So there you have it, folks: The fact that Ammiano supports safe access to cannabis for  patients — and doesn’t want to lock regular people in cages for growing a few plants — means he should be replaced!
At least if you’re dumb enough to buy into the bullshit CDFC is selling.
“Ammiano is a distraction to the issues affecting California,” Chabot said. “He has no background in public safety, but openly supports the drug legalization organizations that support his re-election campaigns.
“The conflict of interest can no longer be ignored,” Chabot claimed, not mentioning why Ammiano representing medical marijuana patients “conflicts” with anything. You know, if ol’ Chabot wanted to talk about a real conflict of interest, maybe he’d tell us all about the dirty Big Pharma money which funds his organization.
“Assembly Speaker Perez has a number of qualified Assembly-members with backgrounds in public safety who can immediately replace Ammiano,” Chabot helpfully butted in. “We join our colleagues across California calling for Speaker Perez to take action and replace Ammiano.”
Since I personally don’t know of anybody else calling for Ammiano’s replacement but this one lone nut job, I don’t know which “colleagues” Chabot is talking about, unless maybe it’s the voices in his head.