Marijuana Dispensary Lead Generator Enters WA and CT

0, a lead generation tool for cannabis providers and dispensaries, has launched CannCast Bundles as a way for dispensaries to request multiple new medicines with a single button. The bundles are made up of different cannabis flowers, concentrates and infusibles grouped into themed packages.
“It’s a way to stay on top of new and changing trends in cannabis medicine, as they develop. For example,CBD-rich strains, the latest CO2 extracted oils or waxes,” said CannCast CEO Erik Miller.

According to CannCast, the new feature improves discoverability on the site, as well as highlights specific featured medicines. This leads to dispensaries having access to better and more diverse cannabis medicines for their patients, according to the company.

Erik Miller, CEO, CannCast: “It’s a way to stay on top of new and changing trends in cannabis medicine, as they develop”

The change also makes it easier for dispensaries to use the system quickly and simply, according to CannCast. Providers can look forward to having their medicines more visible to dispensaries.
CannCast Bundles marks the first of some big changes meant for the site, meant to improve the visibility of cannabis medicines and who is looking for it, according to the company.
“With more than one thousand registered providers in California, the access to all types of cannabis medicine from state law compliant providers, is huge and within reach,” CannCast said in a Monday press release. “Dispensaries of all sizes, and their patients, are able to benefit from access to a pool spanning the entire state.” says it is “more than just a lead generation site, it is a private social network that makes it easy for cannabis providers and dispensaries to connect and get virtually any type of cannabis medicine or strain from anywhere within the state.” has also opened itself up to dispensaries and providers in Washington and Connecticut states and is currently available in California, Colorado and Arizona.
About takes the guesswork out of providing and finding medical cannabis. is a lead generation tool that facilitates meetings between providers and dispensaries based on a particular strain. Dispensaries can request the strains they need, and Providers can list the strains they have.