Ed Rosenthal: Obama Has Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome


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Does Obama need weed?

Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal, he of “Ask Ed” fame and a slew of grow-books, said on Wednesday afternoon that many of the President’s policy problems can be written up to the fact that Obama is suffering from marijuana deficiency syndrome (MDS).

Speaking with Toke of the Town to promote his new book, Marijuana Pest & Disease Control, Rosenthal speculated about the President’s intentions with the current federal crackdown on medicinal cannabis providers.

“I think they’re maybe trying to get it ready to hand over to the pharmaceutical companies,” Rosenthal told me. “The more professional the dispensaries are, the more threatening the industry is to Big Pharma. Because if it’s just a bunch of hippies selling pot, that’s one thing. But if you have, say, professionally made tincture, lab-tested with percentages, as it gets more professional, that’s more of a threat.”

Ed Rosenthal: “People are saying to Obama, ‘Hey, what the fuck are you doing?’ “

But Rosenthal also noted the unexpected push-back against Obama’s marijuana crackdown. He pointed to Jimmy Kimmel’s calling out the President at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s recent distancing of herself from the Administration’s marijuana policies.
“People are saying to Obama, ‘Hey, what the fuck are you doing?’ ” Rosenthal said.
Ed believes that marijuana deficiency syndrome may be the cause of the President’s recent irrational behavior and swing to the right, including the marijuana crackdown.
“Obama used marijuana when he was in high school and college, according to his own books,” Rosenthal told Toke of the Town. I think he used it through his Senatorial career, and he stopped using it only when he was seriously being considered for President.
“I’m not saying marijuana is addictive,” Rosenthal said, “but if you had a serious life decision to make, you might think about it, in part, under the influence of marijuana, and you might get some insights that you could only get under the influence of marijuana.
“I think that he suffers from MDS, and you can see it in his drift to the right and in the influence of all these right-wingers that he took on right as he became President,” Ed told me. “He had Robert Reich advising him during the election, but then he went right back to the Wall Street economists, and I think it’s because he suffers from marijuana deficiency.
“If he had been using marijuana a couple of years ago, he could already have gotten us out of Afghanistan years ago,” Rosenthal said. “I think the guy is seriously suffering from MDS.”