Consumer Guide Expands From Cars & Phones To Marijuana


Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Seattle medical marijuana access point Gourmet Green

FindTheBest — an internet startup known for its consumer-oriented, data-driven comparisons — has applied the same accessible, ordered format which has worked so well for products like cars and smartphones to a comprehensive medical marijuana dispensaries listing.

“Not only does this comparison allow you to locate a dispensary by location, but it also contains tools that enable you to rank, filter, and sort results based on personal preferences,” FindTheBest student intern Richard Taylor told Toke of the Town Tuesday afternoon.
Looking specifically for cannabis clubs with clones? Do you prefer indica or sativa? “Simply refine your search by menu item to view the dispensaries that fulfill your needs,” Taylor told us.
Patients can further narrow results by specifying whether they prefer a physical store location or a delivery service — or if they want a medical marijuana dispensary that accepts credit cards.

“You can even view the clubs that offer full ounces for sale, or that have incentives for first-time patients,” Taylor said.
“Whatever your medical marijuana needs, FindTheBest can help you locate the perfect club,” Taylor said. “So, light up, lean back, and let FindTheBest handle the rest.”